Saturday, 29 May 2010

Wiltshire - an Eco-Holiday Destination

With thousands flocking each year to visit Stonehenge or walk 'the Ridgeway' (the oldest road in Britain), a firm eye on the environment is vital in order to sustain Wiltshire's areas of outstanding natural beauty, such as the Salisbury Plain and West Wiltshire Downs.

Wiltshire's bespoke B&Bs pride themselves on their green credentials. Practices such as heating water via solar panels, energy monitoring and recycling are starting to become commonplace and several lodgings have won awards for their commitment to sustainable tourism.

It's not all long-drop toilets and cold showers either. Under floor heating, on-site wetlands, state of the art designs and innovative garden watering systems are amongst some of the cutting edge features that visitors will discover whilst taking in the rolling chalk downlands.

Many properties are also taking advantage of Wiltshire's natural resources. Poulton Grange in the Marlborough Downs has its own water supply from an aquifer and is heated by a geo thermal source.

In addition to innovation, a commitment to using locally sources food and fair-trade products is also seen as essential and is a focus of The Pear Tree at Purton, thought to be Wiltshire's most eco friendly hotel.

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  1. Many qualities are also using Wiltshire's organic sources. Poulton Grange in the Marlborough Downs has its own drinking mineral water from an aquifer and is warmed by a geo heat resource.
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