Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Child Exploitation in the SA World Cup 2010

South Africa is due to host the World Cup in just over a fortnight’s time, bringing a huge boost to the country’s economy.

However, concerns have been voiced by ‘Fair Trade in Tourism SA’ (FTTSA) over an influx of human trafficking for child sex tourism. Along with exploitation come the risk of spreading HIV , in a country which already has the largest amount of people infected with the virus worldwide.

However, steps are being taken to try and overcome this. The Tourism Child Protection Code of Conduct, launched in Johannesburg, 9 May 2010 is working to combat child exploitation and is backed by World Tourism Organisation (WTO). In addition, the FTTSA are working with service industries, using a code of conduct designed specifically to protect children from sex exploitation in travel and tourism, to try and halt the trend.

Lucy's article was also published by Responsible Travel: SA World Cup 2010 - Child Sex Exploitation

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Photo from Sisters of Mercy

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