Wednesday, 26 May 2010

"International Day for Biological Diversity"

The United Nations proclaimed 22nd May as 'International Day for Biological Diversity' (IDB), part of the 2010 celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity.
From South Africa to Sulawesi, Peru to Papua, hundreds of events were planned across the globe to celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity. In the UK, people attended a host of crazy and informative events, from worm charming to postage stamp launches.

15 Zoos across Brazil held activities to promote environmental education, whilst India focused its attention on Eco-tourism, approaching it from both local and stakeholder levels. In the UK Lewes and Tring held wildlife festivals, Inverness celebrated Trees for Life and Gloucestershire hosted a biodiversity picnic.
To find out what happened in your area, take a look at:

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