Monday, 16 January 2012

West Point Island

West Point Island, to the north of New Island, was the Spirit of Shackleton's afternoon anchorage. Disembarking the M/S Expedition, we walked under a hot sun across sheep-nibbled fields and clambered through jungle-like tussock grasses to Devil’s Nose, to spy on nesting albatrosses and rockhopper penguins, which lay centimetres from the concealed pathway.
Nesting albatross' at West Point Island
After staying long enough to observe them without disturbing their daily nesting and feeding schedule, we made for the home of West Point’s owners - Lilly and Roddy Napier - where we swung open the white picket gate, wandered through their sweet smelling cottage garden and were welcomed into their home where we were greeted by a table piled high with coffee cake, Victoria sponge, ginger loaf, raspberry macaroons, lemon tarts, cheese scones, jam puffs, chocolate brownies, vanilla biscuits, cinnamon cookies, huge urns of hot tea and a jumble of bone-china tea cups and saucers. We each indulged in platefuls of cake and biscuits whilst we lounged in their beautiful garden and soaked up the Antarctic rays.

Feeding time on West Point Island

Lupins in the Napier's 'English cottage garden'

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