Friday, 20 January 2012

Back to bay of Islets:19/1/2012 morning landing

Retracing our passage yesterday evening, we made an early start today and were woken at 5:30am by the soft Argentinian tones of our expedition leader, Julio. We had reached Prion Island – an off-shore outcrop and breeding ground for albatross’ in the Bay of Isles.

Prion Island has been made visitor-proof, by installing a wooden boardwalk that climbs the hillside to offer a view of these immense birds as they lie in their nests with an astounding view of the white mountains on the horizon, green islands and broken rock in the bay below and, as usual, the sparring fur-seals, curious pups and occasional blubber slugs on the shore below.

Stunning early-morning view from Prion Island
Clear views and calm seas at Prion Island

Nesting albatross hides in the tussock grass at Prion Island

Nesting albatross at Prion Island

Fur seals awake at Prion Island

Female elephant seals, or 'blubber slugs' at Prion Island
This blog-post forms part of a series of adventures experienced on-board the M/S Expedition in January 2012, whilst on an Antarctic Cruise - The Spirit of Shackleton - courtesy of Gadventures

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