Wednesday, 1 December 2010

How to build an igloo

There's loads of snow outside and it's still falling, school's closed or you're off work... there's only one thing to do...BUILD AN IGLOO!

Watching the experts build an igloo
Now, building a safe, good looking igloo is going to require a bit of effort and a lot of snow. The best people to learn from is from the people who traditionally live in them - Inuits. Take a look at this BBC clip to see how it's done:

Making bricks to build your igloo
You Probably noticed how he used 'wind slab' and you may be patting at the snow outside and watching it poof away in the wind, thinking "this ain't wind slab!" So you're going to have to make some....

Do this by packing snow densely into a square/rectangular frame (use pieces of wood or strong cardboard) and leave to re-freeze for as long as poss (even overnight). You could even add a spritz of water to it if your snow is very dry and powdery.

Building the shape of your igloo
When your slabs are ready, saw them out and start to build you igloo. You should aim to build it like a snail shell, starting at the bottom and winding up.

Great step by step guides= for building an igloo
For a detailed step by step guide with diagrams, this is by far the best I've found There's even a link to Bear Gryll's making an igloo, if you're a fan!

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