Monday, 29 November 2010

Responsible Christmas Shopping – is it possible?

There are so many things the ‘green’ shopper has to think about these days; reducing your carbon footprint, supporting local and ethical businesses AND getting buying something’s that’s just right … is all this actually possible?!

Tom Cox, founder of brand new website claims to have found the answer…

Reducing your carbon footprint
15gifts is an online shopping service which works with efficient and ethical gift companies that deliver directly to your door; no petrol needed to trudge endlessly to the shops and back. 15gifts also source their products from within the UK, so don’t encourage importing from abroad and splurging greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Supporting local and ethical businesses
All the sellers on 15gifts are handpicked for the quality of their gifts rather than the popularity of their brand name. Tom Cox thinks it’s ‘about time’ that smaller, under-sung businesses should be put on an equal footing with big names such as the Tate Gallery and Red Letter Days. “We recognize that the perfect gift could just as much come from a household name as an un-known artist. So long as they offer genuinely good gifts and great service, they’re invited to join 15gifts”.

Getting something that’s just right
15gifts is the UK’s first intelligent gift recommendation service and only shopping website that is powered by the people who use it – it learns from the likes and dislikes of similar people throughout the country, to find unique gift ideas which perfectly match the recipient.

That’s all good and well, but does the site actually work? Only in its third week of launch, 15gifts has already been featured as ‘the website - in demand’ in the Mail on Sunday’s Live magazine and has been dubbed as ‘a lifesaver’ by But of course, the only way to really find out is to have a go for yourself…


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