Monday, 3 September 2012

World's best dive sites?

Malaysia is packed with world-class scuba-diving sites. Three of the very best are:
Layang Layang - an isolated dive spot off  the north coast of Sabah where some of the richest marine biodiversity and clearest waters in Malaysia are found - a magnet for manta rays and hammer head sharks; Sipadan - found in the Celebes Sea and famed for its drop-offs, wall dives and breeding turtles; and Tioman - a jungle-clad island, surrounded  reefs, wrecks and underwater caves.
Find out more about these dive sites in my recent blog for Travelwire Asia, Malaysia: Three of the best dive spots - part of a publication for Tourism Malaysia
Swarming shoals at Layand Layang. Pic: UU. Nudi, Flickr.

Getting up-close with turtles at Sipadan. Pic: Fudj, Flickr.

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