Friday, 17 February 2012

Sport Diver Awards 2012

The dive gloves are off! Sport Diver Magazine has announced the launch of its 2012 scuba-diving awards and the votes are already coming in. This is your chance to support your favourite people, places, manufacturers and businesses in the dive market. Voting is open throughout February and March, with the winners announced at the London International Dive Show in late-March.

In addition to promoting excellence in the dive industry, voters will also be in with a chance of winning one of two prize packages, each worth around £5,500. Both prize packages include a week-long Red Sea liveaboard holiday, as well as a stack of scuba equipment.

Prize one is a Red Sea liveaboard adventure, courtesy of and includes a 5mm O’Neill wetsuit, Otter Watersports drysuit, dive computer, BCD, hoses and regs, Epoque camera and housing, underwater photography course and loads more.

Prize two’s Red Sea liveaboard holiday is courtesy of Scuba Travel and includes a 3mm Proteus wetsuit and Robin Hood Watersports drysuit, with hoses, regs and stacks more scuba stuff from other top brands.


Best Manufacturer (Code: MANS)
The brand that you think can be relied on every-time, to deliver top-notch gear.

Best Tour Operator (Code: TOUR)
The company that has given you your best-ever dive experiences, helping you to plan your perfect trip and offering expert advice along the way.

Best Liveaboard (Code: LIVE)
If you’ve stayed on a fantastic liveaboard that was well-run with attentive staff and an astounding
itinerary, this is your chance to vote for them.

Best UK Dive Centre (Code: UK)
Which local dive centre truly embraces the spirit of UK diving? Perhaps they organise outstanding trips, host excellent parties, or are true experts in your local area.

Best Overseas Dive Centre (Code: OS)
Who shines in the competitive overseas dive market? Is there one centre that truly stands out from the rest?

Best Retailer (Code: RETAIL)
Which shop/retailer always stocks the best kit, offers affordable prices, expert advice and spectacular customer service?

Best Product (Code: PROD)
What’s the one bit of kit you love more than anything else in the world? Your super-comfy rash vest? Your uber-cool BCD? Your speedy pair of fins? Share the love by voting.

Best PADI Instructor (Code: PADI)
Big-up your instructor by texting the name of the person who confidently, safely and expertly guided you through a PADI course, whether it was your Open Water or Assistant Instructor qualification.

Best dive-related website (Code: WEB)
Which dive website do you consider a real hub in the scuba community? Which so you always come back to for holidays, gear tips and scuba news?

To vote, send in a text to 80058 stating which category you’d like to vote in, along with the name of the organisation/brand/person you’d like to nominate and your email address.

Texts cost 50p plus your standard network rate, and you get a free text for every two paid-for texts – you can vote as many times as you like for different categories.

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