Friday, 27 May 2011

'A spectacular presentation of pristine wilderness, human folly, consequences and alternatives, Tarnished Earth is a photo exhibition of devastating power'.

Extracting oil from tar sands is more than twice as damaging as deep-sea drilling. It involves stripping the trees that cover it, herding away the cattle that graze the land, ushering out the bugs and beasties that inhabit the area, driving the bitumen to purification plants - it's too thick to send down a pipeline, pumping fresh water and chemicals through the sands to purify the oil, and washing the toxic waste back into the downstream rivers, where fish swim and the indigenous First Nation Cree people live.
Tarnished Earth tells the story of Canada's tar sands in a graphic photo gallery, with images of Alberta's Boreal forests taken by Jiri Rezac - See a preview at -

Currently exhibiting in Brighton, the gallery tours the UK this summer: Brighton Promenade - from May 1, Plymouth, Cornwall Street - from June,  Cardiff, High Street - from July 1, Northampton, Abington Street - from Aug 1, Edinburgh, Botanic Gardens - from Sept 1

As part of Tarnished Earth, The Co-operative, WWF-UK and Greenpeace are asking people to join our 'Say YES to clean energy' petition to the UK Government - sign up using the photo booth at the exhibition or online at

The Co-operative presents Tarnished Earth, working together with WWF-UK and Greenpeace -

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