Monday, 17 January 2011

Brighton and Hove - Climate Change Connections

Since the 9th of January, residents of Brighton and Hove have had a new reason to stop and ponder their place on the planet.

A collection of free-standing, six-foot poster boards have been tastefully erected in the square, featuring the photos and stories of individuals from the Carteret Islands to the people of Brighton.

Detailing the impacts of climate change, such as extreme weather, rising sea-levels in small island states and excessive flooding of river deltas, the exhibition draws connections between Brighton's local people and far flung destinations, by detailing the local actions being taken in the city, to reduce climate change and raise awareness of the poverty and destruction felt in other nations.

Rather than taking the doom and gloom approach of many climate change activists, or pointing the finger at our industrialised societies, Climate Connections paints an optimistic look at the issue, reinforcing both our global interdependence as well as the opportunities and successes brought about by global citizenship.

The Climate Connections project is a partnership project with Brighton Peace and Environment Centre (BPEC), Brighton & Hove City Council and Oxfam. All parties uphold the belief that we should take greater responsibility for our lifestyles and consumption of resources. They take the positive, forward thinking outlook that 'Our actions can have a positive impact here, and everywhere, on this planet'.

The exhibition can be seen in Churchill Square until Saturday 6th February.
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