Saturday, 9 January 2010

Trail Magazine Berghaus Kibo Review September 2009

B2 with walking-boot comfort

Lucy Grewcock


User's Overall Rating ****

I used these 4 season B2 boots for 5 weeks in the Arctic and subsequently for stomping around the Peak District and South Downs. Being a sucker for good looks, it was the design that initially appealed (I liked the colour!). But when you pick them up, the first thing you notice is the weight; at around 910g they are amazingly light for a B2. I found this a huge advantage for long hiking days, especially when adding the weight of crampons to my feet. Through terrains of tarmaced roads, boggy tundra, moraine fields and solid ice-caps, thanks to the Kibo’s firm cushioning, Gore-tex liner and breath ability, I emerged blister-less and dry. The leather/synthetic upper provides solid support and the rubber randing gives reassuring durability. Shopping around, you can buy for around £150 and are available in half sizes. For pure rambling and country walking, these boots are on the stiff side and will feel clunky in comparison to non-graded footwear. However, if you’re looking for a durable hiking boot that can take a crampon as well as feel comfortable for less challenging terrains then the Kibo’s a winner. ‘B2 with the comfort of a walking-boot’ (Written by: grewcocklucy)

01 September 2009 13:38

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